Family Office Consulting

Our services may be independent or supplement an in-house family office team. We provide resources to support specific on-going tasks and to carry out larger scale projects. We work with our clients own teams across a range of business sectors and locations globally, providing support with appropriate specific skill sets. We are always mindful of the pressures and sensitivities our clients may be facing. We act with integrity and maintain the strictest confidence at all times.


Financial Reporting, Compliance and Business Administration

We provide specialist compliance and business administration services. We work equally well with start-ups and more established companies seeking to outsource some of their back office administration. Our team can assist with subjects ranging from financial and management accountancy services, financial reporting and planning to taxation, payroll services and VAT.


Real Estate

We offer our clients guidance on existing portfolios and new real estate acquisitions and developments. Through bespoke services we help them achieve outstanding performance from real estate, by evaluating and implementing a strategic approach to real estate investment and development, driving maximum value and investor returns through market intelligence and a positive approach to investment selection.


Management Consulting, Business Development and Strategic Planning

We work with our clients to identify and design business solutions, provide advice on setting optimal management responsibilities, facilitate decision making and assist on change implementation during both ‘business as usual’ and more challenging times. We collaborate with our clients and their existing advisers to identify and better manage the risk and opportunities they are presented with. We strive to promote accord and transparency between owners, and help provide clearly defined responsibilities and objectives in relation to their business. To this end we can provide assistance with contingency planning and modification of business structures to grow, franchise and prepare for IPO's.


Private Equity

We offer management of private equity investments and work with our global networks to source investment opportunities for our clients. We also help companies fund raise, can provide investment pitch design, valuation, preparation of financial statements and other related services.


Risk Management

We provide solutions that protect and preserve our client’s wealth and reputation, as their risk management requirements increasingly move away from a function of control, to a more time critical strategic advisory role. We aim to establish what level of risk is acceptable to our clients following which we provide tailored solutions which incorporate best in class expertise to address each client’s specific risk management and monitoring requirements. We provide support to our clients with risk mitigation frameworks which aim to identify and address a range of organization and operational issues including, but not limited to, talent risk, legal risk, financial risk, diversification risk, political risk, systematic and global risk. Our philosophy is that an optimal diversification and asset allocation strategy, combined with active and highly flexible portfolio-management, are the cornerstones of a solid risk management process.

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